Hello and Welcome to Bonappetitmom.com. Bonappetitmom originally came to me as a fluke. At a crossroad in my life three years ago, I was floundering, unsure of what I wanted to do. Long story short, after an interview for a babysitting job, I started debating what I truly wanted out of my life. I love food. I love to cook, eat, dine out, and good nutrition.  After a few phone calls one to godaddy.com, TaDa Bonappetitmom.com was born. I wasn’t sure where this would take me but nonetheless, it was a journey I was excited to embark upon!

The original site was…quirky, to say the least, with a lack of certainty about what I wanted it to be.I had two rough years, and the Bonappetitmom.com webite was unfortunately side railed. When I started on Instagram, it took a few months to get to 100 followers. I continued cooking and posting,and I am now closing in on 4000 followers. It was time to revamp the website.

I now invite you to join me on this crazy journey and see how we take off.  I want to explore  the avenues that Bonappetitmom will take me. Please take the ride with me and welcome aboard.