Let’s Talk About Diet in 2016

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I am on the second day of the new year and I am reflecting back on 2015. There were many highs but the one low was excruciating. Losing my Mr. Max was even harder than I thought it would be. He was my second child. He fought with my daughter in a way that a sibling would. To be quite honest it was very lonely in the house. When I ate and was full Mr. Max was always around. With that being said, I ate what I should have discarded. I gained about 5 pounds in the next few weeks after my Mr. Max died.My thyroid is still out of remission and I am finding it very hard to lose weight. My doctor is trying to regulate me with different medicine but only time will tell. For the good news, my daughter graduated from SUNY New Paltz with a BS in business and marketing.It was an amazing experience as a parent to witness such an accomplishment by my extraordinary daughter. At the time that he passed I had about 100 followers on my Instagram account. Passover came and I began cooking and posting. Fast forward to now, I am closing in on 4000 followers. My goal is 5000 followers by Passover 2016. I find that I am still a compulsive over eater. I still need to go back to my roots of the OA (over-eaters anonymous) program. I have been using the serenity prayer that was my bible in the 1970’s.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference.

I am leaving you with my strategies for losing and maintaining weight loss.

Strategies for Maintaining Weight Loss

  1. Eat 4-5 small meals a day.
  2. Eat a freshly made salad every day
  3. Drink at least 32oz of water daily. In my terms 2 – 160z bottles of water.
  4. Cereal is a good snack food to keep on hand especially in the winter.
  5. Eat slowly. I don’t care who watches me eat and looks at me like I’m crazy.
  6. Portion your servings.
  7. Do not go food shopping when you are hungry.
  8. Keep healthy snacks with you.
  9. High salt does not make a healthy food at all.
  10. Enjoy what you are eating.
  11. Don’t make New Years Resolutions that you can not keep.
  12. A minute on the lips, forever on the hips.
  13. When you start to feel full, stop and take a breath. Count to a minute and then see if you are still hungry before eating more.
  14. Buy snacks in small packets. This way you can portion what you are craving.
  15. After you finish your meal, walk away. Even if you can’t actually¬† walk physically, take a walk in your mind to feel full.