Let’s Talk About Diet 2017

Comments Off on Let’s Talk About Diet 2017 | October 30, 2016

As I head into 2017, I must reflect back on 2016. With some setbacks in my own personal life, for Bonappetitmom the year was incredible. Bonappetitmom started the year with 3500 followers and ended the year with 14,100 plus followers. Bonappetitmom began to get products from all over the country and started doing recipe development. Bonappetitmom started doing restaurant reviews. I ate some of the most amazing food that I ever ate in my life. Bonappetitmom also did more cooking than in the past few years. I must say the food I cooked was quite delicious. I even surprised myself how inspirational my own imagination could be.
There were some personal setbacks. One was my weight. I gained about 15 pounds this year. Between my thyroid, cooking, restaurant reviews and grieving still over my Mr. Max, I ate more in 2016 then in a number of years. Dealing with the weight gain is hard as I hit a big birthday this year. I also know that until my thyroid gets under better control, it will be hard to diet. I do know that I need to get myself together. if I don’t start to eat better, I will be in a lot of trouble. I worked to hard to get to where I was. I may never see the number I saw in 2011, but I think if I take 20 pounds off, I will be alright. I don’t make new year resolutions, because I break them very quickly.
I was just diagnosed with thyroid associated orbitopathy. My thyroid has been overactive for some time.It makes me nervous, very very unfiltered, and miserable about the looks of my eye. Correcting this situation is still under advisement. I am working with my endocrinologist and my neuro opthomologist. It has been very difficultlt being this hyperthyroid. I feel very off. I also feel very hungry and very fat. I won’t do steroids because of the effects that I went through the last time I was on them. This could mean surgery. I will keep you updated on my prognosis.
So for now, I do look forward to 2017 for Bonappetitmom. As far as I am concerned on a personal basis, I am still uncertain about my thyroid. I definitely will start eating better and I will try to exercise more.
I wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year.