Katz’s Deli Gift Packages

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205 E. Houston Street
NYC, NY 100002
(212) 254 – 2246
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I remember going to Katz’s Deli since as a child with my grandparents. The smell of the pickles and the food made you drool before you even sat down. Forward many many years later, I have beenfortunate enough to receive at least two gift packages from my brother for me and my daughter. I have also sent gift packages to dear friends as a very special gift. Katz’s Deli offers different packages with classic Jewish offerings. I have had their matzo ball soup which will cure anything from the common cold to the flu.The matzo balls are fluffy and flavorful. My daughter even liked them better than mine. The pastrami was wonderful. Sliced perfectly against the grain, thick and flavorful, makes the perfect sandwich topped with the epic mustard from the deli. The pickles were amazing. Crunchy and boosting that perfect sour flavor are the perfect compliment to the luscious pastrami. The knishes are so tasty and filling. Baked to a crisp crust, they are just fantastic. And of course you must have dessert. The babka was just outstanding. Layers of flaky pastry with chocolate swirls were just melt in your mouth deliciousness. I also loved the apron that comes in this gift package. I have sent gift packages and the tee shirts are wonderful.Any gift package that you order from Katz’s Deli comes straight from Kat’s Deli. They do not go through any 3rd party organization.

When a company has been in business since 1888, there are many reasons. Location to a community that services their type of cuisine is very important. Secondly the food must be superb and consistently superb, which of course is Katz’s Deli. And lastly it must have wonderful customer service. This is Katz’s Deli to the max. They go to the sky to make sure every order is perfect and if not, correct it without hesitation. This is how Katz’s Deli has been around since 1888 and I hope for many many more years to come.

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