Lido Deli

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641 E. Park Ave.
Long Beach, NY 11561
(516) 431-4411

      From the moment you walk into the Lido Deli in Long Beach, NY, you know you are going to have a wonderful and satisfying meal. Right from the entrance starts the delightful parade of Jewish delicacies.They have a lavish and lush variety of items to choose from.  The platters and individual cookies are the start to the glorious showcases housing  wonderful Jewish dishes. Knishes, pickles, kugels, pot pies, latkas, cutlets, fried chicken, meats and salads are just a sampling of the mouth watering goodies that runs the length of the restaurant. You are then greeted by a welcoming staff member and escorted to a table. On the table is a bowl of very delicious coleslaw and assortment of pickles.Then the fun begins and you are presented with their amazing menu.

This is one extensive menu. From breakfast dishes including omelettes and bagels and lox to a hot dinner entree. They have appetizers for a small bite. They have soups that are just divine. The matoh ball soup was heavenly. The matzoh ball was light and fluffy. This soup could cure everything from the common cold to the flu. The split pea soup was creamy and flavorful as well is their barley soup. The stuffed cabbage was fantastic in a sweet and sour sauce. I love knishes and nothing beats a hotdog from a Jewish Deli. We had the Sampler platter with hotdogs in blankets, potato knishes and potato pancakes, served with applesauce. Everything was terrific. The outside was crisp on the knish and pancakes and soft in the middle. The mini hotdogs were so flavorful. The overstuffed pastrami and corned beef sandwich was over the top. The very generous portions of meat topped with their homemade coleslaw, on the fantastic rye bread was dreamy. This is the epitome of a classic Jewish sandwich. We finished off with a cup of coffee and a classic black and white cookie.

An authentic Kosher Jewish Deli is few and far between. Yes they have many good kosher style delis in the New York and Long Island area. The Lido Deli is a true Kosher Jewish Deli. They are kosher and abide by the Jewish guidelines of being strictly kosher. Growing up in Brooklyn, NY I had so many wonderful Jewish delis in my neighborhood. Now they are gone. I live in Long Island and many of the delis in  my area are also gone. I am so happy that Lido Deli has stood the test of time and has stayed where they are and true to themselves. It was a privilege to have dined in this epic establishment. This is a classic Kosher Jewish Deli, run by 3rd and 4th generation family members. They are a family owned and operated establishment and is a staple in the community. With wonderful service from everyone who works there, I definitely will be back. My one and  only complaint is that they are not in my neighborhood.

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