Hamantaschen Happy Purim

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Well it snowed again. I decided to make Hamantaschen since it is Purim. Purim is a joyous Jewish holiday and the main item of Purim is a sweet cookie called Hamsntaschen. I researched recipes and I found one that looked pretty easy. Since I do not bake a lot, and I had the time I decided to try it. I had all of the ingredients in the house, so I made my first attempt to make it. I followed the recipe and they looked beautiful, until I baked them. They unfolded and came out looking like thumbprint cookies. I called a friend and asked what I did wrong and she said I over filled them with jam. I did overfill them. I will not do that the next time I bake them. A picture of the one hamantaschen that came out is on my Instagram page and the recipe is posted on my bonappetitmom recipes page. Stay safe my fans and Bon Appetit.