Chocolate Chicken Chili with Peanut Butter????????

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I baked boneless skinless chicken thighs yesterday. When it came time for dinner, I asked my dad what he would like for me to prepare and I offered to make chili. Since he loves my chili, that was now going to be dinner. I had all the necessary ingredients to make the chili. I chopped onions and garlic. I sweated them in a pan with some olive oil. I threw in some frozen mixed vegetables. I added chicken stock, my special seasoning, red wine and the chopped chicken thighs that I had prepared before, and I let it all bubble away. I then added peanut butter. I saw it on a cooking show on the Food Network. I added 2 tablespoons. It was quite nice and it made the chili silky. It was pretty good. The chili had a nice kick to it as you did not feel the heat right away, you felt it a few minutes later. I served it with mini farfalle. It was nutritious and filling. I will post the recipe. I hope I can remember what all the ingredients were. Stay safe my fans and Bon Appetit.