Indian Summer

It is the day after Labor Day. It is 90° F. I am also again cooking for one. Well it is really two, counting cooking for Mr. Max.  I make Mr. Max beef liver or chicken liver every day. Cooking for Mr. Max is easy, it is cooking just for me. In weather like this it is really hard to motivate myself to cook. I prefer salads and fruit. I have started adding blueberries to my salad. It pumps up the taste and bulk.  I find it very filling. I also use less salad dressing with it. I really need to cook with foods from my pantry. I probably have food for years now. I have to check the expiration dates and clean out my pantry, fridge and freezer. My homework for this week.  It really is a very important thing to do. Food poisoning is no joke.  It is a horrible illness that can take days to go through your system. You can wind up with fever. It is really horrible and can be deadly. Stay safe my fans and Bon Appetit.

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